10 LiveStreaming Tips to Slay Cyber Monday!

Whether it’s Cyber Monday, the LAST shopping day of the season, a one-day Flash Sale or just a great day to share what’s HOT this week, using livesteaming is a smart way to generate excitement and RESULTS in your business.

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10 LiveStreaming Tips to Slay Cyber Monday in Your Direct Selling Business

#1 Encourage shares! Offer a prize drawing for everyone who shares your live broadcast!

You need to tell your viewers what you want them to do! The more they share, the more you’ll expand your reach naturally. You can simply ask them to share right then from the broadcast and then when they have shared to put the word “Shared” in the comments.

#2 Use Comment CTA’s

You’ll want to have “calls to action” planned for your livestream so that you can give the viewers instructions as to how to engage with you in the comments … when someone comments on your post on your business page, you’re then able to private message them directly as your page and take the conversation to a more personal communication.

#3 Follow up via FB Messenger – right from their comment!

Connect with each viewer who comments via messenger once you’re done with your livestream OR via a chatbot while you’re still live! Want to learn how to do that? Join our FB group for the NDSR where we’ll be talking smart links and chatbots throughout the New Year!

#4 Go live with a customer – or two!

There’s no better way to sell than through stories, and the most powerful stories are the ones that feature people who love your products! Bring them into your livestream! (We teach you how in Livestream School!)

#5 Make it easy to buy! Use the screensharing option or flip your phone to show a quick tutorial on how to order.

Don’t leave them hanging! People need to know how to order what you want them to buy … give them a quick video tutorial live, share the exact direct link to your products and show them how to do it! You can go live via Facebook now and simply share your screen and talk through what you’re doing … makes demoing how to order easy peasy!

#6 Offer Cyber Shoppers a bonus Q & A or consult to show HOW to use your product!

This one is a no-brainer! You’re a fountain of amazing knowledge, and you can use that to your benefit! Put everyone who orders into a drawing for a free 1:1 tutorial, consult or makeover… OR offer a LIVE Q&A only for customers via Zoom.

#7 Check INSIGHTS to broadcast at the right times

Use the knowledge FB gives you to check out when your posts and livestreams get the most engagement and try to go live during those times!

#8 Make sure background TV and music is turned off so you don’t get deleted

There’s nothing worse than going live, rocking it out and then realizing that background music or the tv was flagged for copyright infringement! Turn off all background sounds so you don’t lose your best live!

#9 Stay out of jail: no over-sharing to multiple groups in rapid fire

Just be careful … all that excitement needs to be handled with care. Beware of over-posting, pasting too many of the same links or sending too many messages in rapid fire.

#10 Go LIVE several times throughout the day to catch different audiences and share different tips, ideas and products.

Catch your audience throughout a big day like Cyber Monday — they may be handling their own Cyber fun and need a reminder to take action before the clock runs out.

Wish you had MORE tips like this so that you can use LiveStreaming in your business each and ever week?

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