3 Blog Articles Every Direct Seller Needs to Create

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a direct seller! There is so much possibility out there for you, and when you combine business smarts with social media savvy, your potential is endless! Yet, it’s also a little scary because there are so many new strategies, tools and techniques that it’s hard to figure out where to start. Thankfully, Karen has written this book for you!

Create Your Personal Blog on the National Direct Selling Registry™ Platform

One of the smartest tools you can add into your plan is a personal blog where you’re able to publish your own unique content. Having a blog on the National Direct Selling Registry™ platform helps you cultivate deeper relationships that lead to greater results in your business. Your blog also helps elevate you and your business in search engines. Your blog articles help position you as an authority in the eyes of the people with whom you do business. And, your blog can help you stay out of Facebook Jail. Instead of posting company-created graphics, videos or links directly in Facebook, you can “re-package” these great resources into “original” content that’s highly sharable across all social media channels.

I’m so excited about blogging and how it can help catapult your business success without a lot of extra effort or need for technology skills! If you can create a Word document, you can blog!

Sometimes the idea of starting to blog is a daunting one, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. I suggest that every direct seller create 3 blog articles to help gain digital momentum – one to serve customers, one to serve your hosts or loyal advocates and one to serve prospects/new team members. First, create content to SERVE these audiences. You know what they want and need. Then, the same content you created to serve becomes content you can use to ATTRACT new customers, prospects and so forth! Once you get good at creating a few key articles, your creative juices will explode, and you’ll come up with new ideas all the time!

Let’s look at each of these articles in more detail:

Write one blog article for your customers

Are there how-tos, helpful tips, tutorials or other details for the products that would be valuable for new customers to know? Think about the content you already share with them in posts, in pdfs, in text messages and in emails. You can write up a quick blog article, embed a short video (one of your own or a company-provided one), add in graphics or other details, and now you have an article to share with your customers. Your article solidifies your relationship as “their” consultant and elevates you as an authority on the topics and products that are important to them. That same informative article can be shared in across social media to attract NEW customers. One simple piece of content both serves current customers and attracts NEW ones.

Write one blog article for your hosts or loyal advocates/referral customers

Are there 5 tips you tell every host to make sure they have the best party ever. Or, are there 10 strategies you share with your referral customers to help them get the most in free products? The possibilities of topics are endless, and when you think about the types of conversations you’re having regularly and the information you’re typically sharing, that’s a perfect place to start with your first articles. Once you’ve created the article, share it with your next host. Instead of sending a long email or word document or pdf you’ve created, just send them your link to your article! Just like you were able to do with the blog article focused on your customers, this “host focused” article can become a great tool for you to BOOK MORE PARTIES. When you’re chatting with someone who is hesitant about booking a party because they’re not sure if they’ll do well, tell them you’re there to help them through every step of the way and share your article on “the 5 Tips for the Best XYZ COMPANY Party Ever!”

Write one for your prospects or new team members

Are there 6 Easy Steps to getting started in your company or 5 Top Reasons people choose your company or other details you find yourself telling each new consultant who joins you in the business? Turn that into a blog article to serve them AND attract new team members.

As a bonus, write one that tells your “My XYZ COMPANY Story.” There’s nothing more powerful in your selling or sponsoring toolbox than YOUR STORY! The more you write it, tell it, video it and share it, the stronger it will become! Remember, people do business with people they know, like and trust! Your story is a great way to help them get to know you (and your business), like you and trust you!

You don’t have to become a “blogger” to harness the power or generate results from what you publish. In fact, sometimes less is more! Just make sure that you include key pieces in your article that help make it look great and stand out: a main article image, a compelling title, a description/summary, content that adds value, a clear call-to-action with links, keywords, and sub-headings that make it easier to read. Once you’re done, remember to proof read it well! You’ll also want to make sure your content always conforms to your company’s policies.

Once you’ve gotten your first few articles written, you can start thinking about how your blog can help you stand out in search engines by thinking about the types of searches people do that relate to your products, your company and the solutions you provide. Is there a new product launch happening, a seasonal special or a new trip incentive? Write an article about it and share it across social media. You’ll drive people to learn more about it AND find yourself ranking in search engines … and that’s when it gets really exciting!

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