3 Videos Every Direct Seller Needs to Make

Are you using video to create interest in your direct selling or network marketing business?

Video is a powerful personal branding and marketing tool you can use to generate interest in your direct selling or network marketing business each day.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine how many words a short video is worth! In fact, it’s been said that a one-minute video is worth over a million words! Who knows if that is exactly true, but what’s for sure is that video is an essential tool as a direct seller.

3 Videos Every Direct Seller Needs to Make

Harness the Power of Video in Your Direct Selling Business!

Imagine the impact having a few purposeful videos could have on your business. If you’re spending any time trying to cultivate leads and business in social media, you need to embrace video!

Here’s an example for you! Picture this … a young soldier was coming home from his deployment a month earlier than expected. He decided to surprise his mom. He sat outside his mother’s place of work … and she walked right past him before doing a double-take. She screamed in sheer joy! Hugged him. Cried. It was so touching, heart breaking and soul filling all at the same time!

Now, watch the video and YOU decide which has more impact, my short paragraph or a short video!

How did the video compare to the short paragraph I wrote? Major difference, right? The video literally brings the story to life!

Video is a Powerful Tool for your direct selling business!

As an introvert myself, I know how hard it is to put yourself out there in a very public way like in a video. However, I also believe strongly in using the best tool for the job, and video is here to stay. I want to help you embrace video as part of your plan for sharing your products and business opportunity with others. Video is the future, and I want to help you start your future right now! Why? Because …

  • Video captures people’s attention!
  • Video illuminates YOUR passion and interests!
  • Video conveys your feelings and emotions!
  • Video helps people get to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you!
  • Video connects with people’s emotions!
  • Video is a game-changer for entrepreneurs looking to build relationships!
  • 3 Videos Every Direct Seller Needs to Make

    There are 3 videos I believe every direct seller needs to make. Certainly, you can make more than just three and use LIVE video to bring what you do to a wider audience in an even more powerful way. But, it makes sense for us to start at the very beginning with a very “doable” goal of simply making these 3 videos first. The process of making the videos will help you hone your ideas, develop your personal point of view and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

    In the training series below, I walk you through the 3 Videos Every Direct Seller Needs to Make. This is a training I did for the great folks over at Cinchshare in an event on their Facebook Page. I’ve packaged them into a playlist right on YouTube for you to watch one at a time or one right after the other! I’ve also got them snuggled right here in this blog post so you don’t even have to leave!

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    Let’s First Get to Know Each Other!

    Before we dive into the training, let me introduce myself!

    Get in the Mindset for Our 3 Videos Training!

    Have you ever noticed how NEW consultants are the MOST enthusiastic of everyone on your team or at meetings? When we’re new, we’re focused on possibilities not challenges. That’s why I want you to focus on the beginning of your business to get into the best mindset for our training. Watch the video and think back to when YOU first started in direct selling. What sparked your interest in your company’s products or potential? Was it a person, an event or something else? YOUR STORY is the most powerful tool you have to create interest and generate leads for your business!

    The First Video Every Direct Seller Needs to Make

    The first video every direct seller needs to make is a MY WHY or MY STORY video. It’s a powerful first impression when someone visits your National Direct Selling Registry™ profile or finds you on YOUTUBE. In fact, when done in 90 seconds or less, this is also a super awesome idea for your COVER VIDEO on your Facebook page. (Facebook just rolled out this feature, and you can find an example HERE on my business page.

    In this video, I’ll walk you through crafting your MY WHY or MY STORY video!

    Tip: Keep this video under 2-3 minutes to deliver a tight message that keeps people’s attention!

    Now that you’ve taken a few minutes to watch the video, what are your thoughts?

    Did the first video get you thinking about YOUR STORY or YOUR WHY? Taking time to think about and turn your story or why into a short video can be HUGELY powerful for you … it will make you fall in love with your business all over again! And, it can be HUGELY powerful for others … giving people a glimpse into why you love what you do so much.

    As you reflect on where you began your journey with direct selling tell us more about what you are MOST excited about regarding your business today in the comments below! Then, use the graphic as a guide as you think through your MY WHY or MY STORY video!

    The First Video Every Direct Seller Needs to Make

    The Second Video Every Direct Seller Needs to Make

    What type of content are you using to get the attention of your customers and potential customers to keep them coming back time and time again?

    Products are the glue that binds all your customers and team members together into a community that’s passionate about the same things! Whether your products are mission-based or just a whole bunch of fun, creating a product video each season gives YOU something of value to share with your community both inside and outside of social media. Think through your ideas about what product or products will lend themselves to a video that INSPIRES, INSTRUCTS or INFORMS … and let us know what you’re going to create below!

    Have you thought about which product or products you’ll feature in your product video of the season? Is there a product LOTS of new customers buy that lends itself to a quick 3-step “how to” video? Or a collection of products that alone are great but together solve for a whole slew of needs? Are there quick tips or timesavers that align well with what you sell?

    As you think about the product video of the season you’ll create, try to imagine creating one that you can share with new customers and old ones so the same video teaches AND creates renewed interest in hosting or making a purchase! Tell us more about your plan for your product video below!

    The Second Video Every Direct Seller Needs to Make

    The Third Video Every Direct Seller Needs to Make

    In our first video, we talked about creating a MY WHY or MY STORY video. This third video is a cousin of that one. In your MY WHY or MY STORY video, the focus is YOU. In this last one, we’ll explore creating a 3-minute opportunity meeting video, and the goal is to share about your business in a way that gets the person watching to imagine THEMSELVES in your shoes, to picture themselves in your experience. Together the two videos tell a more comprehensive story, but alone they capture attention and generate interest in you and your business.

    As you think about your 3-minute opportunity meeting, look forward into the future. Having a vision that you can convey attracts others who want a vision for the future in their own lives. Share your vision for the future of your business below!

    Being able to convey how your business has impacted you, your life or your family’s life is an important part of the curiosity-creating process of recruiting. For some people, it’s about financial freedom, for others it’s about personal growth, for some it’s about sharing a mission-based product, for others it’s about developing into a leader and for some … it’s about friendships and fun. When you learn to share a few facets of how your business has impacted your life, you’re more apt to connect with a broader group of people as they connect with the parts of your story that resonate with their lives

    Share with us! Tell us how your business has affected your life and your family’s life …

    The Third Video Every Direct Seller Needs to Make

    Take Action! Create Your 3 Videos!

    Whew! That was a lot to think about all in one sitting! The first time you listen to training, it’s smart to take it in and let your brain think through the new ideas and strategies. The real magic happens when you carve out another hour to go back through the training and dive deep into how it fits into your life and your business.

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