30 Facebook Business Page Post Ideas for Direct Sellers

Do you run out of ideas when deciding what to post on Facebook? You need to get attention, inspire engagement and drive action, but what types of posts do that? Sometimes even the most creative people have a hard time generating NEW or unique ideas. I sat down a couple of years ago to create a list of 30 Facebook Business Page Post Ideas for direct sellers, and it’s been the most shared content I’ve ever created. It started as a simple list for a corporate client who wanted me to create a few modules of training for their field. Then, it morphed into an eBook.


And, finally, it turned into a whole course! (Want the course for free? Download the eBook and then quickly join us as a member of the National Direct Selling Registry™. We’re offering the course as an added bonus when you join now. Just tell us Laurie sent you when you enroll! You’ll get the Facebook Post Ideas, training and be one of the first on our new platform designed to make sure you stand out, get ahead and can be found fast online!)

The eBOOK includes 30 ideas helping you determine literally what to post on your Facebook Business Page (or in a group, or on a personal profile if you are following the 80/20 posting rule of posting on your personal profile!) These ideas are designed to inspire you to find or create awesome content that makes people want to come back to you time and time again. These same ideas are also great ideas for inspiring you to create your own BLOG POSTS.

At directselling.me, your success is our mission. This ideas in this one little eBook can truly change the trajectory of your business if you choose to put the ideas into action. Of course you have to continue doing the offline activities that continue to be the foundation of a strong social selling business model.


We’ve broken down the 30 Facebook Post Ideas into 3 types of posts and included those here as “pinnables” for you!

As a former teacher, I look at training topics from different points of view. For that reason, I’ve broken down the 30 ideas into smaller parts. Each of these 30 ideas fit into 3 different categories — Creating Interest, Engaging & Interacting, or Adding Value & Inspiring Action. You can use the pinnable graphics below to inspire yourself OR train your team.

Create Facebook Posts that Create Interest in your passions, products and your business opportunity

Facebook Post Ideas Designed to Create Interest

Use Powerful Facebook Posts to Engage and Interact with your Fans and Followers

Facebook Post Ideas Designed Drive People to Engage and Interact With You

Add Value and Inspire Others to take action with Your Facebook Posts

Facebook Post Ideas Designed to Add Value and Inspire Action

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As a member of the National Direct Selling Registry™ we’ll help you make sure you can be found fast online AND give you access to our built-in blogging platform which will make it super easy for you to create and share your OWN original content in Facebook AND other social media outlets. Our platform makes sure that whatever you post and wherever you post it, it’s always driving business back to you! (If you’re not doing that, you’re likely just a really great marketer for your company and the other consultants and leaders, rather than making sure every lead you work so hard to generate is driven back to YOU!

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