5 Smart Tips to Book More Parties!

It’s time to fill your calendar with parties!

In a party plan business, parties booked with a solid date and host are the foundation of everything! At the start of every week, the smartest use of your time is to FIRST look at your own party calendar and ask yourself the simple question, “Do I have at least two more parties booked than I plan to hold scheduled in the next 6-8 weeks?” If your answer is no, don’t do anything else before you carve out enough time to fill your calendar!

A good rule of thumb for success in the business is this:

  • With ONE party per week on your calendar, you HAVE a business.
  • With TWO parties per week on your calendar, you’ll GROW a business.
  • With THREE or more parties per week on your calendar, your business can skyrocket!

So often, in a party plan business, I see Consultants and Leaders focusing their time on activities that make their business harder, not easier. IMAGINE the sales you can get from one party. How many 1:1 conversations would you have to have with people to get our average of an $400-$800 party? A WHOLE LOT! But, when you book just ONE party, and work with your host to help her personally invite people … AND REMIND THEM TO BRING A FRIEND … she fills her home with 8, 10, 12 or more people who come already loving YOU because the host does! That’s magic.

When you focus FIRST on filling your calendar with parties (both in-person and virtual), you’ll meet new people each month and through those parties fill your future calendar as well as meet people that will want to learn more about the business opportunity you have to offer.

TIP #1: Before you pick up the phone to call a potential host, as yourself, “What’s in it for her?”

The best party bookers are those who BELIEVE in the party experience they have to offer.

Before you can sell someone else on the idea of hosting a party, you have to sell yourself on the idea that YOUR party is a meaningful, relevant experience.

How do you feel about your party?

Take a moment to jot down 3-5 reasons why NOW is the perfect time to host a party with YOU!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Fun, seasonal party themes!
  • People book parties first and foremost because it’s FUN! Every season, take the time to brainstorm some new seasonal ideas to pique curiosity for a fun girls night out learning about your products. Are you a leader? Make a list of 5-10 theme ideas and share them with your team. Sometimes it’s just the idea of something that sounds fun and new (with the exact same party framework happening at the party) that sparks a new booking conversation!

    It’s fall … so think “Back-to-school” themes, “Must Have” gift ideas, Coffee, Tea and a Shopping Spree! Think about what they might learn or do at the party and tie your theme to that! The ideas and possibilities are endless.

  • Host specials and exclusives – make them personal!
  • There are no more powerful words at the beginning of a phone call than, “I thought of you because… ” Take it from someone who has been doing the dating thing… rather unsuccessfully. All women want to hear is that someone appreciates them and is thinking about them for a reason tied to what makes them, them! When each new host special, exclusive or new catalog comes out. Peruse it with your past customers, friends and acquaintances in mind.

    As you make a list of who to call, write down WHY you think they would be excited about whatever you have to offer. What is it about them that makes them special or what did they mention to you that you remember? Start your calls with the key words, “I thought of you because…” or “I was thinking about our conversation last month …” or “I saw this and knew you’d love it because …”

  • Host Rewards – tie to feelings!
  • What is it about your rewards that make you REALLY excited? Think about the way your past hosts have FELT when they’ve tallied up their rewards with you and were able to get the products from your catalog they loved. How did that make you feel? Think about that feeling of generosity and authentic joy as you make a list of who you’ll call.

  • Start a Business – there is no better time!
  • If you’ve ever heard me talk about recruiting, you know already that I believe that the best product you have to offer is your BUSINESS! Sometimes, people who have been sitting on the fence thinking about the business just need you to start the process in motion for them. Inviting someone to “test out” the business through hosting is a brilliant way to get them off the “maybe” fence and into the business quickly. Who are the people you know were curious in the past, but you just didn’t follow through with or who were not quite ready at that time? Put them at the top of your list — and call them TODAY!

    If your company has the option to turn host rewards into a starter kit/business launch, great! If they don’t, no worries … the investment into a starter kit is not a challenge when they come out of their party with 3-4 bookings you’ve helped them get!

  • It’s just FUN!
  • What most people forget is that people crave real, human interaction. They want to gather friends and have fun. Don’t overcomplicate the booking process … keep it light and fun and focus on how easy it can be when they simply invite the people they really want to get together!

    TIP #2: What’s in it for YOU?

    You know parties are the foundation for success, and I suggest you take time every week to remind yourself about your goals and the rewards of the business you want in your life. Here are just a few:

  • More Income!
  • The more parties you book and hold, the more commission you’ll make. As you do more parties, you become better and better at host coaching and filling the party with people. That leads to even more income. It’s OK to identify what you want to earn and GO FOR IT! There is no glass ceiling. The only obstacle in your way is your belief in what’s possible. Borrow my belief in you if you need as you build your own!

  • Earn your trip!
  • Go for it! You deserve to travel for free, and if your company has a trip incentive, make those numbers your “settle for” goal in your business. Do everything you can to get yourself onto that ship, beach, airplane or whatever type of trip it is. Your life will never be the same after you’ve earned yourself a free trip, and you’ll open up a world of potential and possibility in your life! If your spouse is a naysayer, there’s not better way to create a belief in your business than taking him or her on a trip of a lifetime paid for by the company and your hard work!

  • Make an Impact
  • You believe in your products, don’t you? You believe in your business opportunity, don’t you? It’s through parties that you can meet new people in the easiest, most efficient way. As you meet new people and they use your products or join you in the business or simply grab a glass of wine and enjoy an evening out of their home, you are changing lives. Never underestimate that impact you are having on people’s lives simply by mustering up the courage to pick up the phone and tell someone, “I thought of you because …” and invite them to be one of your hosts this season!

    TIP #3: Brainstorm the list of people you’ll call – 10 people at a time!

    I still remember getting my starter kit back in 2004 and the training binder that come inside it. And, I still recall sitting there trying to brainstorm a list of 100 names. It was the fist of many times I felt like a failure in the starting phase of the business when I had no idea what to do to become successful. I thought to myself that if I couldn’t even accomplish writing a list of 100 names of people I knew, I would certainly fail in the business.

    Luckily, I didn’t let it destroy me. I did, however, learn a different way. Brainstorm just a list of 5-10 names. Think about those people and why what you have to offer will resonate with them. Then, MAKE PHONE CALLS!

    Need help brainstorming? Grab the printable below! Just click the image and you can download it right here!

    TIP #4: Make your calls and points of contact PURPOSEFUL!

    One key metric you want to know in your business is this: How many connections (phone conversations, texts back and forth or messenger convos) do you have to have to get ONE booking? Most people don’t have the number of parties on their calendars because A) they don’t spend enough time making calls or reaching out to people B) they don’t actually connect with anyone and assume no one wants to chat or C) they give up before they see results!

    So, make sure you give yourself enough time to make calls and then do so with a plan!

    The phone is not dead. Stand out as a professional with a purposeful phone call plan, follow up with a message and reach out again in a timely manner to achieve results.

    When making calls, if you’re going to call someone once, make sure you’re prepared to call them MORE THAN ONCE! Most people won’t answer unless they expect a call, and it’s up to you to follow through!

  • Before you call or message, use Facebook to check into their lives!
  • Being friends on Facebook with your customers gives you a way to peek into their lives before you ever reach out. When you sit down to make your booking calls or reachouts via text/messenger, use Facebook to make sure the person you’re about to call is not going through anything in their lives that might preclude you from calling.

    Depending on the person, shooting them a quick message or text to say something like, “hey, I am about to give you a quick call … is the timing ok?” is sometimes smart. If you don’t normally message them or text them, then it’s unnecessary. Just pick up that phone!

  • Before each call or message, know when you’ll be reaching back out!
  • As I already mentioned, if you’re going to call once, be prepared to call or message multiple times. That is not being pushy, it’s being a professional who follows through. You want to be prepared to reach someone’s voice mail and be able to say the phrase, “I’m excited to chat with you about xyz, and I’ll reach out again (at the time you have planned) if I don’t hear back from you.”

  • Follow a predictable process with each Contact on your List.
  • Be prepared to call and leave a message. Send a quick text or message as a follow up. Call again the next day (within 48 hours). Then, send another message or text a day or so later. And finally, when you are ready to give up on them, just take another peek into Facebook or Instagram and like, comment or share one of their posts to toggle yourself back up on the list of important people to return a call to in their mind! It’s usually when you think you’re being a pest that they’re like “Oh my goodness, I am so glad you called again!”

  • When you do connect with people, follow a pre-determined slightly scripted approach.
  • Start with a “hello, how are you?” and then LISTEN!

    Tell them why you are calling by using the phrase, “I thought of you because…”

    Then get right to the point. Ask a direct question such as, “If you were to have some girlfriends over for a fun night of bling, would a weekend or weekday night be better for you?” (Notice the either/or type question! That gives them a choice and assumes a yes!)

    And then, pick a date if a YES. Offer your closest dates first. If a maybe, “pencil” them in and schedule a time to call them back to confirm. If they are a NO, find out “who do they know who might like to … be the first in their neighborhood … or who loves jewelry … or who is the kitchen queen … ”

    TIP #5: Book in close to build momentum!

    Always know when your next available dates are on your calendar and whenever possible, book your potential host “in close” to the soonest date you have available. Booking in close and booking multiple parties from every party will turn you into a party plan super star with consistency and momentum that give you a confidence that is unbreakable.

    You’ve got this!

    If you need more help or inspiration, join us for the booking blitz of all blitzes!

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