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Directselling.me is a division of The Girardi Group, Inc. and is dedicated becoming a global resource for direct sellers. In today’s fast-paced, high tech world, we are here to serve you. We are driven to provide consumers, consultants, experts, companies and event organizers with a virtual hub to connect, collaborate, learn and grow.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, with laser focus on current opportunities, best practices and challenges facing direct sellers. Directselling.me brings the industry’s best together in one place, and we continually work to provide you with smart, sound strategies and solutions as you navigate the ever-changing business environment of the direct selling industry.

This website, directselling.me is the hub and backbone of the entity.  We encourage you to come here to read our blog and stay up-to-date with tips & ideas. As we expand, we plan to bring you everything you need to harness the power and potential as you leverage technology to cultivate relationships and build your business.

Directselling.me Blog

Today, blogs are one of the best ways to share and gather timely information, inspiration and concrete action steps.  Our blog articles will continually offer insight into various categories including:

  • For Customers
  • For Companies
  • For Experts
  • Inspiration & Motivation
  • Leadership & Mentoring
  • Recommendations & Reviews
  • Social Media
  • The New Consultant
  • Selling
  • Recruiting
  • Service
  • Tech Tips & How Tos
  • Time & Organization
  • The Entrepreneur
  • Guest Bloggers

Things We Like

In our Things We Like section, we want to share with you the companies, products and services we really like to use in our business and personal lives. From great gift ideas for your team members to apps that make your jobs easier and more fun, we have some great ideas for you. In some cases, we are affiliate partners with the companies we recommend, but we assure you that we really do like them. It’s fun for us to find great things and share them. In a small way, it makes us feel like we are Oprah giving away her favorite things each year, but we just provide you with a link to find cool stuff.

ndsr-emblemThe National Direct Selling Registry™

Join the National Direct Selling Registry™ Now

ndsr.me – JOIN NOW AND LOCK IN OUR LAUNCH PRICING – 50% off NATIONAL or GLOBAL membership levels!

The cornerstone of our mission is the National Direct Selling Registry™. The National Direct Selling Registry™ is the global business registry, directory and blogging platform designed for direct sellers, network marketers, social sellers and MLM professionals! It’s the cutting-edge personal marketing, collaborative learning and social networking platform for today’s direct selling industry.

At the core, the NDSR™ is a robust, powerful membership-based registry and directory service that provides direct sellers, experts and companies with their own, personal, search engine optimized profiles. This directory is the only one of its kind, backed by a powerful search engine, completely focused on serving as the comprehensive source for direct sellers (experts and companies) to be listed and found, all in one place.

Through her work with many direct selling companies, NDSR™ Founder Laurie Girardi saw a need arising that kept her up at night. As digital marketing and online selling were becoming more and more prevalent, the tools and strategies for direct sellers were not keeping up. The strength of the distribution channel is built upon the relationship between independent sellers and their customers & team members. Yet, as the way people communicate and seek out information evolved, the methods readily available for independent sellers were not fitting the growing need.

As Laurie worked closely with companies’ lead processes as well as recruitment and retention strategies, she realized that there was a gap in the service that replicated websites provide and the growing needs of independent sellers and their relationship with customers, prospective customers, potential recruits and team members. The replicated website is simply a shopping cart, and the independent seller needs a way to create interest, add value and build relationships with their customers and prospects in an online/digital way.

Laurie and her talented technology team have spent the last 4 years building this new platform to serve the direct selling industry, its consultants and consumers.

The National Direct Selling Registry™ is the global business registry, directory and blogging platform for direct sellers, network marketers, social sellers and MLM professionals.

It solves for 5 distinct, relevant, urgent needs:

  • The National Direct Selling Registry™ optimizes the online presence of the independent seller.
    What this means for independent sellers is that they have a greater opportunity of being found fast online – by name, company, location, or related topics for which they’re passionate about – so that leads they work so hard to cultivate come back to THEM. It makes their contact information just one click away, reducing friction in the sales and recruiting process AND increasing retention through solidifying relationships.

  • The NDSR™ gives independent sellers the online real-estate to tell their story, share their passion for what they do and convey their journey in words, images, video, quotes, important links, articles, events, and testimonials.
    People do business with people they know, like and trust. Yet, it’s hard for a direct seller to share their story in a way that consumers want to consume it. The clean design and layout of the NDSR™ gives the seller a way to share what’s important to them, provide meaningful content to their audience and forge stronger relationships, all without requiring tech talents and skills.

  • The NDSR™ provides independent sellers with a blogging platform that is simple to use.
    We know that it is imperative that direct sellers create and share what social media outlets such as Facebook view as “original content;” however, most direct sellers do not have the time, money or tech skills to do this themselves. The NDSR™ gives the consultant his or her own blog where she can publish articles that include stories, tips, graphics, audios, videos and other media. These articles can be shared across social media, in emails, in text messages and are search engine optimized. They’re also searchable within our advance search engine within our platform by keyword, title and topic.

    Google only crawls new, unique content. The NDSR™ provides the tool for direct sellers to stay relevant and share content that is meaningful for their customers, clients and prospects.

    Even in a company that has strict standards regarding graphics and branded content, this system is essential so that independent sellers can put their personal touch on the things they share in social media, so they’re not just spinning their wheels trying to get ahead. They’re able to get traction with all their hard work.

    Additionally, the simple step of “compiling” images and graphics that are “company approved” into a unique url with a unique title will give the consultant the ability to then share their content in Facebook or LinkedIn without being shut down for spammy or duplicate content. And, when shared in Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. these articles are tied BACK to the independent seller so the work they do drives business back to themselves.

    Feature launching: Summer 2017

  • The NDSR™ optimizes the online AND offline events consultants and leaders are hosting, thus leading to greater reach, greater interest and greater bottom line results.
    Whether they’re holding an opportunity event, virtual party, doing a vendor show or hosting a team meeting, with the built-in “events engine,” consultants can create a landing page for their events that are designed to be sharable, optimized and valuable to the audience. When the consultants use their own hosted events page, they’re able to create more momentum around everything they do, and when someone sees the event page and likes it, it’s easy to share ACROSS social media platforms because it is not confined to just one.

    Feature launching: Fall 2017

  • The NDSR™ gives the independent seller a means to gather testimonials to leverage the power of referral or endorsement marketing.
    People buy from people they know, like and trust. But, when they don’t yet know someone selling a particular product, they buy from someone their FRIENDS know, like and trust.

    Through their NDSR™ profile, direct sellers can collect testimonials from their happiest hosts, customers and team members. Those testimonials sit right in their profile and are shareable across social media. And, their customers can “favorite” their profiles into a collection of favorite consultants, experts, articles, events, companies and more that’s also sharable across social media.

    Feature launching: Fall 2017

  • Future Features
    There is a distinct need for “gated” or password protected content created by the independent seller or leader. One of the key future features that we’ll build into profiles is the ability to decide whether specific content is “public” or “private” so a member can use their profile to share content specifically for their VIP customers or team in a simple, effective way.

    Additionally, one of the most important pieces of the marketing puzzle is for the independent seller to build his or her own email distribution list in addition to the company’s system. Many direct selling companies are finding that their emails to the customer base are not being delivered to too many spam complaints or other system-wide “deliverability” issues. It behooves independent sellers to maintain a separate line of communication with their customers so that they can serve them in a personal, professional and powerful way. We’ll be adding in the ability to gather email “opt-ins” directly from the member’s profile, blog and events. In the short-term, we’ll be teaching our members how to use the features that are already built-in to accomplish this goal.

    Estimated feature launching: Winter 2017/2018

From the onset, the National Direct Selling Registry™ will serve five countries – the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. As we expand globally, we will expand our Global Membership for our members serving countries beyond our initial five.

Join the National Direct Selling Registry™ Now

Not in on of our first countries? Send us a quick message on our contact form, and we’ll be sure to let you know when we expand to your country.


Consultant Memberships: (LAUNCHED APRIL 1, 2017)

These are our core memberships for consultants and leaders who represent direct selling companies. Currently launched in US, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.

      Currently free, basic profile designed for simple search engine optimization in the town/state in which the seller does business. Essential for all direct sellers.

      Currently $10/month, paid quarterly, basic profile designed for simple search engine optimization in the town/state in which the seller does business and 2 additional states within their region.

      Currently $7.50/month, paid quarterly. This is the membership level we recommend for anyone with a business that’s more than just a paying hobby. Premium profile, search engine optimization, all our core features built into the membership.

      Currently $10/month, paid quarterly. This membership level is identical to our National Membership, but also gives the reach of doing business in countries outside the one in which the member lives.

    We’re headquartered in the US, and we have special membership levels for US Military, Veterans, spouses/partners. They correlate to the National/Global levels.

We’re currently partnering with top-level field leaders to bring the benefits of membership directly to their teams and organizations. “If you’re in business, you need to be registered” is our slogan because of the imperative need for each seller to be search engine optimized. We know that when a leader gets his or her downline to be the first in their area in their company onto our platform, the bottom line results for the organization will increase. Expected benefits to the leader and organization include:

  • Leads staying with the consultant who generated them
  • New prospects finding someone within the leader’s team when searching online
  • Enhanced belief and commitment in their personal passion and mission
  • Greater engagement and retention over time
  • Removing barriers (literal or perceived) as we provide solutions to the most common challenges
  • Serving customers and team members with valuable content driving greater sales, recruiting and leadership development results.

EXPERT MEMBERSHIPS: Estimated launch – late 2017/early 2018

Our Expert Memberships are similar to consultant memberships in that the expert member is provided a profile designed to optimize themselves online, publish original content, promote events and gather testimonials.

The Expert Memberships are designed for the unique nature of the business of serving independent sellers. For that reason, the expert members’ profiles also have other key features including a Products & Services showcase, which is designed to drive business directly to your website/shopping cart. We provide another point of entry into your sales pipeline.

Currently, we’re partnering with experts across the industry to work together to build the membership of the NDSR™ and develop relationships with experts for whom we’ll give back to in many ways as we expand our platform. These “early adopting” experts will be the first to be featured on our suite of sites and social media to promote their products/services to what will be a very wide audience. Expert partners will also enjoy free membership upon launch of expert memberships.

COMPANY MEMBERSHIPS: Estimated launch – mid 2018

Our first mission was to serve the independent seller, but we know that partnering with Companies to drive interest to their products and opportunity is a key part of the equation. Our Company Memberships are designed to feature the story, mission, philanthropy, events and promotions of our member companies. Within our platform, companies will be searchable by category, promotion and other criteria. Through our platform, each of the pieces of the companies’ profile will be optimized to help drive more interest and generate more leads.

Currently, we’re partnering with companies in the US, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND to give their fields the opportunity to be the first in their product category on our platform. These “early adopting” companies will be the first to be featured on our suite of sites and social media to promote their products/services to what will be a very wide audience. Company partners will also enjoy free membership upon launch. Our company partners will also be able to provide their field the ability to join the NDSR™ at the lowest rates possible, always 50% off the full price.



eSuite.me, an eLearning site designed to provide all direct sellers with comprehensive, relevant, convenient and affordable online training and resources.

The training is geared toward the independent seller who is seeking strategies, solutions and techniques to move their business ahead in all areas of direct selling including social media, sales, recruiting, team development, leadership and more!

We believe that knowledge is power. The more you learn, the more business savvy you become. Our training, designed for today’s adult learner, teaches direct sellers what to do, how to do it and inspires them to achieve more.

In our fast-paced world, we provide training that is up-to-date and meets the needs of today’s marketplace without sacrificing timeless, core business principles.

Join us for one course or come back time and time again to continue learning, growing and prospering with us!

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The Girardi Group, Inc.

girardi-group-logoAre you looking for customized products or services, business coaching or something else?  The parent company of directselling.me™, The Girardi Group, Inc., is a consulting firm dedicated to serving the direct selling industry through coaching, consulting, keynote speaking and the development of customized resources.  Laurie Girardi is the primary consultant for the firm, and she accepts a handful of new corporate clients & top field leader clients each year to ensure complete satisfaction. We also work with some of the best in the industry on projects or partnerships

Corporate Services

  • Executive Consulting
  • Conference Speaking
  • Assessments
  • Contemporary Training
  • Leader Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Field Speaker Coaching

Field Services

  • Personalized Coaching & Training
  • Social Media Strategies & “how tos”
  • Technology Strategy & Training
  • Group Training & Coaching
  • Personal Blog Development
  • Team Website Development

Visit The Girardi Group, Inc. or contact The Girardi Group, Inc.

Of course, we also recommend you search our Expert Members (Coming Soon!) to find products, services and expertise on various topics.