Our Story


The vision for directselling.me, the National Direct Selling Registry™, eSuite.me™ and our entire family of sites grew organically through a plethora of experiences spanning decades.

Our founder, Laurie Girardi is passionate about the direct selling industry, its people and products and the powerful business opportunities it provides.  She is a self-proclaimed techie geek and passionate entrepreneur.

It was through her experiences as a top performing independent leader and her subsequent years as a business consultant and speaker that Laurie began to develop the plan for directselling.me and the robust National Direct Selling Registry™. Creating solutions for many of the challenges direct sellers face today became Laurie’s obsession.  She gathered a brilliant team including programmers, design professionals and trusted advisors, and together we’ve developed the plan and software platform for the National Direct Selling Registry™ and it’s backbone, directselling.me.  We’re tech savvy, so you don’t have to be.  And, if you are, you will quickly “get” how to leverage our tools and services to drive your business quickly into the future.

At directselling.me, we know first-hand what it takes to build a thriving direct selling organization, and inherently know how to leverage technology to drive success in our relationship industry.  We’ve felt the thrill of success and the agony of missed opportunities.  We’ve spent countless hours in living rooms and kitchens all across the country just to wonder who might have tried to reconnect with us but couldn’t find our contact info. When most others didn’t know how, we built our own blogs and tapped into the power of social media to solidify our online voice/presence, and we know how time consuming getting ahead of the technology curve can be.