10 Point Checklist to Optimize Your Facebook Profile

Facebook is THE place to be (aside from the National Direct Selling Registry™ of course!) online to make sure you’re expanding your reach and capturing all the leads you work so hard to cultivate. Your Facebook personal profile is one of the powerful online tools you have as an entrepreneur. It’s where people connect with you personally and go to learn about who you are and what most you’re excited about. Your online profiles are like living digital business cards, and taking time to make sure they reflect who you are is important. At a minimum, it’s essential as an entrepreneur to make sure that your key contact information is at the fingertips of your customers and potential customers. You can use this 10 Point Facebook Profile Checklist to make sure your profile is working for YOU not against you!

Do a quick quarterly checkup of your personal and professional online profiles, starting with Facebook!

I recommend a quarterly “checkup” for your entire online presence. We know that most direct sellers and network marketers are not taking a handful of simple steps necessary to make sure that people can find them online quickly and easily. If your contact information is not one click away from anyone looking to do business with you in a Google search or a Facebook search, you’re likely losing out on business.

We also know that most direct sellers are also not using the features Facebook provides to maximize themselves in online searches for someone looking for a consultant “like” than who sells what they sell or provides the solutions they offer. Before you begin thinking about expanding your reach and finding a greater audience, it’s important to make sure that there are not holes in your proverbial business bucket!

And finally, most direct sellers are not taking the time to leverage the space in their personal profile to make sure that their FRIENDS can learn more about them, what they do and what their most passionate about. Does your personal profile reflect who you are, tell your personal story in words, images, graphics and video?

Use this quick 10 Point Facebook Profile Checklist to make sure that the hard work you do to cultivate interest in your business is coming back to you!

Grab the printable pdf by filling out the form. Feel free to pin the graphic below the form so you always have it at your fingertips! Questions? Drop me a comment below, and I’ll be sure to answer!

10 Point Checklist for Your Personal Facebook profile!

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Facebook Profile Checklist

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