Dear Direct Seller: You Matter More Than Ever Before

Dear Direct Sellers and Network Marketers:

You Matter. You are even more important as a direct seller today than ever before. You. You are vital to the success and future of the direct selling industry. You matter more than ever before.

Direct selling is not just about people selling products or services directly to others. It’s something bigger. It’s personal. It’s powerful. It’s about people who are passionate sharing that passion with others and making a real difference in our world.

As the fast-moving, ever-changing use of technology and social media seem to be taking over, you matter.

You are the essential ingredient.

You bring products to life with the stories you share.

You make a difference with the products you sell.

You provide experiences that cannot be duplicated digitally.

You help people uncover needs in their lives they do not even know they have.

You unlock possibilities for others by illuminating new opportunities.

You help bring meaning and purpose to the lives of others.

You inspire people to reach for their life-long dreams.

You are a direct seller.

But, it’s a little bit harder to be a direct seller in today’s world, isn’t it? How do you navigate the changing tides of our industry? How do you integrate cutting-edge tools and techniques into your business without losing sight of what’s most important – people and relationships?

Technology is everywhere. Social media and eCommerce seem to be taking over. We see non-direct selling companies growing virally and want our businesses to do the same. Some direct selling companies have experienced viral growth in recent years, and we assume that if we just do what they did, we will get what they have. However, there is no cookie-cutter method. It’s not a once-size-fits-all process any more.

Selling, recruiting and retaining team members are still essentials necessary to build a big business. But, the choices available to direct sellers in terms of how they do business, what systems they follow and what methods or tools they use are almost unlimited.

How do you figure out which methods and tools work best?

There is no longer one clear path to follow to get there. There are many intertwining paths that you can choose from depending on your goals, skills and resources. Relationship building is also still essential in building a direct selling business. Staying current, utilizing new marketing strategies and learning technology for managing your business are becoming very important, too.

Learning new methods takes time. It can be confusing. There aren’t long-standing proven examples to follow. Everyone is trying to recalibrate their strategies to determine the new best practices. Many direct sellers are full of frustration, just trying to find “a” way, never mind the “best” way.

What do the most successful direct sellers do to succeed?

The most successful direct sellers are those that work consistently, are intentional in their actions and have enough will along the way to learn the skills it takes to thrive. They adapt. They evolve. They continue to learn and grow as people. They know that a relationship business takes time to cultivate. They also understand that using new tools or methods does not necessarily mean that you have to stop using the strategies that continue to work.

Whether you call yourself a consultant, a demonstrator, a distributor or representative, you are an entrepreneur. You get to choose the style, methods and tools that fit most comfortably with your life and the goals you have for yourself and your business. Your options span from classic & traditional to modern & high-tech. You have to be a thinker, not just a doer. You have to stretch your skills and understanding of strategies. You are an entrepreneur.

It’s an exciting time for direct selling! And we are glad to be on this journey with you. You matter, and your success is our mission.

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About Laurie Girardi

Laurie eats, sleeps and dreams about providing smart solutions and cutting-edge resources for entrepreneurs across the globe. The key, in Laurie’s opinion, is the melding of classic core business principles and consumer-focused strategies with modern methods, tools and technology. Laurie is a highly regarded international speaker and direct selling industry expert. She owns The Girardi Group, Inc. and its family of entities including Laurie’s background also includes a Masters Degree in Economics & Entrepreneurship from the University of Delaware.