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Lynn Bardowski
Million $ Party Girl

UseLearn how to use LIVESTREAMING to attract more leads, sell more and build a bigger business!

Build trust, loyalty & engagement!

Grow your community & get results!

Inspire & build your team!

Laurie Girardi & the National Direct Selling Registry

FULL 6-WEEK COURSE, PLUS OVER $1200 IN BONUSES INCLUDING INTRODUCTION TO, YouTube LIVE and YouTube's newest Facebook-like social media tools!




  • tutorial, walkthrough including "how-to" share screen, hold an interview or host a talk show format
  • OBS Studio walkthrough for creating multi-channel videos in crisp quality from desktop
  • FACEBOOK LIVE from Desktop
  • Scheduling Your Facebook Live
  • Video Editing - what to do after you go live!
  • Embedding Your Facebook Live or YouTube Videos on a Blog or Website


  • Exclusive Student-Only Facebook Group
  • LIVE Q & As with Lynn and Laurie right in our FACEBOOK GROUP!



  • Going LIVE Checklist - what every direct seller needs to know
  • 101 LiveStreaming Topics for Direct Sellers and Network Marketers
  • Simple Gear Guide: Essential Tools & Hacks
  • 50 Compelling Words for Your LiveStream Title
  • Speed, Machine and Livestream Specs You'll Want to Know!


  • Personal login for course updates and archives on!

*lifetime access contingent on the existence of LiveStream School and Laurie /Lynn!


Join us for 6 Weeks of Amazing LIVE content on-demand right to our exclusive FACEBOOK GROUP!

​This AWESOME Course includes weekly PRE-RECORDED LIVE TRAINING CLASSES, LIVE Q&As, challenges, and an expansive list of bonus videos, printables! It's your access to cutting edge strategies for growing your business! It's THE course for any direct seller or network marketer who wants to learn how to leverage the power of livestreaming video. *You'll get IMMEDIATE access to the whole course, and we'll deliver reminders to you weekly to watch each week's class AND encourage you to jump into the activities!

You'll get REMINDERS weekly!



5 Steps for Planning Compelling Content that Inspires and  Increases Results!

We'll walk you through how we create content that inspires  & engages your audience!



Camera Ready! Hacks, Tips, Tools and Techniques that Make You Feel Like a Pro!

You'll learn steps and strategies to take before you go LIVE to make sure your streaming with confidence!



What You Need to Know to Go LIVE with Confidence & Get Results!

We'll teach you exactly what to do each time you're LIVE to maximize your  results and engagement!



A Deep Dive into the Many Options You Have to Go Live & How to Pick the One for YOU!

We'll walk through many of the options available to you for livestreaming  and explore solo streams, group streams and ways to stand out from the crowd.



How and Why to Create a Simple Lead Funnel/Magnet to Build YOUR List!

Once you're feeling confident going LIVE, it's time for us to turn up the engine and help you get more leads from each video AND  have a plan in place for followup.



How to Repurpose Your   Videos for Max Results & Lead Generation

One video is sometimes worth a GOLD MINE! We'll show you how to reuse and repurpose your videos into other social platforms and blogs!


Your course info will be emailed to you right away along with your invite to our exclusive Facebook Group! The course is on-demand, and you'll get instant access. We'll be helping you go from LIVESTREAM NEWBIE to ROCKSTAR in 6 fun weeks! After the 6 weeks are up, you'll be able to stay in the group to engage with any of our future LIVESTREAM SCHOOL classes to keep learning and growing. We'll also give you access to the archive from our time together which will include continued access to all of the bonuses so you always have us right at your fingertips! As we add updates or cover technology changes, you'll have access to those, too! 

Take a look at what some of our previous students & coaching clients have to say!

​An investment you will not regret. Lynn & Laurie are in the know on going Live and this course will give you everything you need to go Live with confidence and content that will grow your business!

Shelley Spicher

​Thank you Lynn and Laurie for all your guidance, tips, advice and knowledge about going LIVE. I loved all the classes and Q&A followups, along with great handouts. I've been able to quickly implement many tips and suggestions into my livestreams and grow my audience and business. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with all of us!

Andrea Jakubowycz
Wine Decadence

​I have learned so much from Lynn and Laurie. They are so knowledgeable and have so much to share. The materials they provided were so helpful. If you had any questions they would get in touch with you right away. Can’t wait to take the next course they offer.

Christina Brino
Pampered Chef

​This is the most detailed class I have ever taken online. Laurie Girardi and Lynn Bardowski are patient, kind and very helpful in and outside of class. They have taken great pains to cover the most minute details of this process. Handouts, tutorials, and Q&A are on point every time. If I hadn't taken this course I would have been really sorry. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take this class if you are interested in marketing your business on social media. They are on top of the changes Facebook makes, and they translate that information to us. I know my business is going places. Thanks, Ladies.

Karen Sullivan

​Laurie Girardi is Amazing! I first connected with Laurie in May 2016 when I was looking for someone who could teach me how to use FB Live effectively in my business. Our team stretches coast to coast and I knew FB Live was going to be the game changer. Right from Day 1 Laurie has taught me so much, offered ideas and troubleshooted. I'm now proficient with OBS, live streaming opportunity events, Mega FB Events, Training Events, and recently was an onstage presenter at National Conference "Embracing Possibilities" with FB Live! Thank you Laurie, I couldn't have done this without you!

Denise Ouellette
Sr. Vice-President, Tocara

I had my first Facebook LIVE party on Saturday on my Biz page and had some hiccups during the Live broadcast, but in the end the party total is just over $500... first ever! Before Lynn's training,  my parties were right around $200 to $300. And by using your ideas 4 people booked a party! So excited!

Anthea Love

​Laurie Girardi and her trainings have been a tremendous resource! I’m all about helping people find better solutions in every area of their home. I knew people needed to see and hear me. I needed to take them along on my journey. I needed to figure out HOW to do live video and do it well. Laurie made that possible. I wanted to learn as much as I could, use technology to my advantage and set myself apart. Laurie is a phenomenal resource who helps you get creative and makes learning “tech” simple and step-by-step!

Meredith Prater
Pure Haven

I've tried many different training programs, watched several webinars, but none of them have made an impact like Million Dollar Party Girl! Lynn gave me the courage to go LIVE and, WOW! I even went live from a vendor event. How cool is that? Lynn is one of a kind.

Amy Lazovitz


You'll learn alongside other direct sellers looking to find new ways to expand their reach, engage their community and create greater results!