Get More Bookings & Recruits by Focusing on the Word NO!

There are two things most people in direct selling don’t like … feeling pushy and hearing the word NO! It’s a fear-based mindset rather than a service-based mindset.

When I am asked to create training for a company, typically they ask for the standard topics: onboarding new consultants, booking parties, selling, recruiting and leader development. Or, they come to me asking how to get a field of people who may not be super tech savvy to embrace and use social media strategies in a smart way.

What most companies don’t teach and most leaders don’t realize is essential to success is the idea of embrace and focusing on the word NO! Every new consultant I have ever had the pleasure of working with was worried about hearing the word no and what to do and say when they do. Then, instead of aiming for as many NOs as possible, they stop when they get the first few YESes, stopping the momentum of success way too soon.

So, it’s time to dive into the word NO and get into a new mindset where you’re tracking how many NOs you’re getting each week to maximize your results.

When you focus on getting a no, with the goal of following up every no with a new question, you’ll increase your bookings & recruiting results!

Think of the word NO as a COMMA not a period. The most successful Consultants and Leaders work to get as many NOs as they can every week!

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As I always say, “You’ll never know what they’re thinking unless you know what they’re thinking. So, ask the question and listen for the answer.

When you get a NO, be prepared with a follow up question like it’s simply a turn in the conversation, not the end of it. Seek to understand what people are thinking and feeling within a mindset that you are a Consultant, someone who helps others uncover their needs and provides amazing solutions through everything you have to offer.

For example, if you ask someone the question, “Have you ever thought about doing what I’m doing?” If they say “No”, most people will then say something like, “Oh, ok … it’s not for everyone.” But, when you do that, you close off the conversation. You create the roadblock where there was just a tiny little pothole. Go around it.

If someone says, “No” that they have not ever thought about doing what you do … ask a follow on question like, “Oh, yeah, many people have never considered having a business of their own because they don’t know how it would fit into their life. Would you like to learn more about how a business with our company might fit into yours?” Again, if they say, “No”, that doesn’t mean the conversation is over!

You’ll never know what they’re thinking unless you know what they’re thinking. So, ask the question and listen for the answer.

The key is to listen to their answer and ask a follow on question. Or provide more information to their questions. In a party plan business, asking the question about the business FIRST rather than last in any conversation sets you up for success even when the person is not interested in learning about the business right now.

Let’s continue with the example. If you ask the follow-on question, “Would you like to learn more about how a business with our company might fit into yours?” and you get another, “No” … the next question turns the conversation from the business to a booking and/or a referral.

There are many ways you can pivot the conversation, and the key is to focus on the individual with whom you’re speaking to personalize the conversation and experience to what you already know about them.

If they already love your products and are a great customer or past host, you might say,

“I know you love the products so much, and your friends do to … would you like to gather them together and share our newest catalog for the holidays and help me find who you know who might like to be the one to start a new business in your circle of friends?” (Or who might need a way to earn a little extra income, or who might find it fun to share xyz products or who has a passion for xyz and would want to learn about how they can turn that passion into a business.)

If you’re speaking with someone who has not experienced your products, invite them to host OR come to a party of yours in the near future saying something like,

“I respect that you’re not interested in learning about a business with us just now … just know that I’m working with Consultants all across the country and would love to work with you if you ever change your mind … one way to experience how amazing our products are is to gather some friends to (insert what your parties are/do/the experience you offer) … if you were to get a group of friends together, would a weeknight or weekend be better?”

If she says no to hosting, invite her to a self-hosted party or party with a friend you have coming up.

If you get a NO to the business … ask the most important follow up question which goes something like this,

“I totally understand that what we have to offer might not be something you’re curious about right now … but I’m sure there’s someone in your circle who is looking for more … more income, more fun, more travel … some or all of what Consultants say they love about working with our company! Who comes to mind (it’s the “who do you know?” question) as you imagine your friends looking for more?

If you get a NO to booking a party … it’s important not only to find out if it’s a no for now, but then to find out who they know who is the one that they imagine would love to learn more? Let’s assume they said they didn’t want to host but didn’t give any other info. It could sound like this,

“Oh, I understand … is now just not a great time for you to host or are hosting parties just not your thing?” (Listen! It might be that the next few weeks are busy, or they’re afraid no one will come or that their house is too small… provide a simple bridge with a phrase like, “If I could help you see how simple hosting is and give you tips on getting your home filled with friends, is this something you’d like to do?” or “If I told you that many of my best parties were in small kitchens or tiny apartments filled with friends, who comes to mind that you’d want to invite first?” If they’re a definite no to hosting, find out who they know … with words something like this, “Oh, I completely get it … hosting is not for everyone, but it sure seemed like you had a fun time tonight … I’d love for you to think about who you know who might like to be the next one to host in your circle … who comes to mind who (insert the details such as “who is the one who hosts every party” or “who loves (insert your products)” or “who has a love for (insert your company’s mission) … “ The goal is to get them thinking about who they know and then have them connect you with that person, making the introduction. It might require you following up in a day or two to find out who actually came to mind.

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