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Would you like to stand out online and get ahead using digital marketing techniques? Do you find it complicated and confusing? There are simple steps you can take to make sure that you’re standing out, getting ahead and able to be found quickly and easily online.

Just a few years ago, we might have debated whether a direct seller needed a replicated (company) website as a business essential because so much of their business happened offline. Today, there’s no question. We live in a digital marketplace, and you need to have a replicated (company) website for online orders, managing parties and enrolling new team members. We don’t even debate it!

But, have you ever noticed that your replicated website doesn’t come up in a Google search? And, it doesn’t do much to help you “market” yourself or your business? By their nature and design, your replicated business website is a duplicate of everyone else’s and Google doesn’t crawl duplicate content. So, it’s up to you to make sure are found quickly in an online search, have your contact information and links at people’s fingertips and build an online presence by publishing unique, searchable content tied back to YOU.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. But, how are they getting to know you? Ideally, every direct seller everywhere would have their own personal website/blog. However, creating your own personal website/blog is complex, expensive and time consuming. We know it’s a necessity, but it’s just not a simple to do on your own.

So, how do you create an online presence and stand out in search engines if you don’t create it all yourself?

Create an online presence without needing techie skills or expensive tools!

It’s simple! Join the National Direct Selling Registry™ where we take care of all of the technology for you! With a profile on the National Direct Selling Registry™, you have a robust digital business card that works just like a powerful, simple-to-use website & blog built explicitly for you as a direct seller – and it’s designed to fit into any company’s policies and procedures.

We give you a professional, robust profile where you can tell your story, share your videos, and connect on a personal level with customers, prospects and team members. We tie your profile on our site back to all your other social media channels to keep everything you do interconnected. We make sure you’re search engine optimized so you don’t have to! Within our platform, you can be found by name, location, company, category of product or keywords. We make sure that we’re always driving traffic to you!

Imagine having your own professional, polished profile online where you can send prospects, hosts or new customers to learn more about you, your products or your business. While they’re there they can watch your opportunity video or most recent articles. Then, when you follow up with them, they feel like they know you … because they DO!

Create your own blog articles on our platform with ease!

Next, picture yourself being able to quickly and easily whip up a new blog post with tips, how-tos, timesavers, smarts, solutions, specials and promotions to share with your customers and prospects. We provide you with the tool to create your very own sharable content that looks amazing and is sharable to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter … and text, messenger, email and more. Publishing your original content or re-packaging your company’s graphics and videos also helps you stay out of the dreaded Facebook jail!

Elevate your posts and create content that works for you!

When what you post is created on a modern platform with a clean design, you’re elevated to a level of professionalism in people’s minds that makes them want to do business with you. And, when you create new blog articles about company launches, new products or other highly “searchable” topics, you’ll stand out even MORE in search engines. You can embed your Facebook or YouTube videos right into your articles, add pictures, graphics, podcasts AND add an image gallery with captions and links. Everything we’ve created for you is designed to make sure that once you’ve created interest in something you have to offer, it’s easy for people to take action and help you grow your business. Do you wonder how to use chat bots or smart links to convert even more leads? We show you how to use all sorts of free or inexpensive tools to make your profile and blog even more powerful than you can imagine.

Join the National Direct Selling Registry™

The NDSR™ is the only global business registry, directory and blogging platform for direct sellers & network marketers with the goal of optimizing YOUR online presence. Our entire focus is making sure you can easily stay connected with your current customers, hosts and prospects AND attract many more. It’s super easy to set up your profile the first time or change it as your business evolves. Creating original content with your very own built-in blog is simple to do, and we’ve even built a way for you to promote your in-person and virtual events and gather testimonials. With a membership and profile on the National Direct Selling Registry™, the possibilities are endless, and we’re always working to help you get the results of the super savvy digital marketers but very easy-to-execute ways!

We’ve priced our memberships at a very low quarterly fee so that every direct seller across the globe can create a profile on our platform, publish blog articles right away and harness the power of a robust online presence.

It’s our powerful platform and your competitive edge!

Join us today!

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