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Laurie Girardi & the National Direct Selling Registry
Lynn Bardowski
Million $ Party Girl
Melanie Parker
Party Plan 123
Sue Rusch
Selling It Softly

Join us for 6 Weeks of Amazing VIDEO content you can watch right in our exclusive FACEBOOK GROUP or on the course page!

​Learn how to create meaningful experiences using smart social strategies and a framework for success!

​Weekly LIVE TRAINING CLASSES began February 5th with LIVE laser coaching sessions, group collaboration and discussions happening now! You'll also have access to the replays and bonuses long after the 6 weeks is over.



5 Surefire Steps to Harness Your Vision, Define Your Purpose and Set Yourself Up for Success 

Lynn & Laurie will   walk you through how we get in the mindset for success and create a plan that focuses on exactly what you need to do to acheive even your most daring dreams!!



The 10 Steps to a Powerful PARTY that ROCKS Sales, Bookings and Recruiting Results!

Laurie & Melanie will teach you  their framework   and   key steps  to a fun, engaging party including what to say and do to make sure you're getting results!



Simple Secrets to SELLING  More of Everything You Have to Offer to get more income, bookings and recruits!

Sue   &    Laurie will take you on a journey through selling to help you embrace the strategies that lead to greater results.  We'll talk about stories, strategies and words that work!



Recruit Like a ROCKSTAR and Build a Business Bigger Than Ever in 2018!

Recruiting is at the core of team building, and Laurie  & Lynn will teach you key steps to   recruit more from every party, attract new leads in social media and how to make the process simple!



The Fortune is in the Follow-up & Your Post-Party Plan!

In this class, Melanie & Laurie will guide you through their process for following up with leads, party guests, new hosts and more. Their system  works whether you're a paper and pencil person OR full-on techie! 



It's Time to Rock the Facebook Party and Bag the Boring Posts!

We'll    dive deep into the key parts of a Facebook Party that  lead to REAL RESULTS! With Laurie's help, we'll    tap into the  brilliance of Lynn's Facebook Party Secrets and help you learn what you need to know to   party your way to success!


Make 2018 YOUR YEAR!

(worth over $5000)


  • How to Get Bookings When You Have NONE!
  • Vendor Event Success Made Simple!
  • Host Coaching Your Way to a BOOMING Business
  • The Adventures of Go-Getter Gloria and Steady Sandra - A Case Study for Booking in Close!
  • How to Optimize Your Results Online & the 3 Blog Articles Every Direct Seller Needs to Create
  • 5 Ways to Use Facebook LIVE to Drive More Results in Your Party Plan Business
  • More Words that Work When Selling, Booking Parties and Recruiting!


  • Exclusive Student-Only Facebook Group
  • LIVE Laser Group Coaching Sessions with your experts!



  • Host Coaching Checklist with our Top Tips!
  • The Elite Hostess Club Plan!
  • The 10 Steps to a Powerful Party that Gets Results!
  • The Ultimate Door Prize Slip
  • Selling it Softly - Chapter 5 - Imagine! Put Your Customer at the Center of Her Own Story!
  • Rock Your Recruiting Chats Form!
  • Fabulous Follow-Up Form!
  • Smart Steps to a Profitable Facebook Party!
  • Going LIVE Checklist


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We'll be helping you learn how to build a BOOMING party plan business in 6 fun weeks’ worth of training! After the 6 weeks are up, you'll be able to stay in the group to engage with any of our future PARTY PLAN SCHOOL classes to keep learning and growing. We'll also give you access to the archive which will include continued access to all of the bonuses so you always have us right at your fingertips! And, when we run Party Plan School LIVE again, you'll get to join us as an alum for continued learning!

​Laurie Girardi is not only knowledgeable and versed with skills, but she’s current with what’s working right now! She’s the best in the biz when it comes focusing on things that matter, and she speaks from experience, not from theory. She’s masterful with her simple, smart strategies that are easy to implement and duplicate with your team and the savvy social media strategies to go with it all. Oh – and Laurie’s energy and fun-factor will make you want to put her in your pocket to have her cheering you and guiding you at all times!

Jody Chase
Diamond Executive Team Leader, Pure Haven

I love learning from someone who has 'been there', is approachable, hands on, speaks truth & is innovative. Lynn Bardowski is all that and more! Her training has helped me to build expertise & implement actual tried & true systems that work. What she has to share is generous & not stagnate - in a quickly changing & growing industry it's of great value to have a support system that provides you with information that is easy to duplicate. Even better, I am able to confidently share her expertise with my team, which takes a training load off of my shoulders. There are a lot of trainers/ coaches/ mentors out there. I am thankful that Lynn is one of the excellent ones.

Freddie Charlton
Team Educator Leader, Sweet Minerals

​I’m still buzzing from an outta this world weekend!! Closed Sunday night’s party last night and my Hostess is going to be receiving over $500 worth of FREE NORWEX!!! That is the best result I’ve had so far for any Hostess, and man it feels AWESOME!!!THANK YOU!!! Thank You Melanie Parker for sharing your experiences, your techniques…for sharing you. Thank You for showing a smarter way of keeping our businesses alive and keeping diaries full and fun.

Cari Neill
Team Leader, Norwex

I have been following Laurie Girardi for more than two years, and finally took advantage of 1:1 coaching this past summer. All I can say is wow, I wish I had realized what a large vault of knowledge Laurie had waiting to help me in my party plan business! As the #1 leader when she was in the field and over a decade helping direct selling companies & leaders, Laurie has first-hand experience to pass on, along with a deep passion to help keep the party experience going for those of us in the field today. Laurie has a very systematic approach to all things parties. I have learned steps to improve my business in Hostess Coaching, Bookings, Recruiting, and mentoring my downline.  Laurie has such a way with words and consistency in the process for all things party plan. I so appreciate that Laurie has dedicated her career to helping consultants like myself have the best possible direct sales business. Laurie truly is an expert in her field!

Royanna Stratmoen
Team Leader, Usborne Books & More


4 Experts, 6 Weeks of Training, A lifetime of Success!