Your Story is a Powerful Social Selling Tool!

Whether you’re a natural story-teller or someone who needs a bit of help crafting a story, YOUR STORY is powerful social selling tool you’ll want to have in your toolbox! We know people do business with people they know, like and trust. Your story is a BIG piece in the social selling puzzle because it is YOU with whom people do business. It is YOU who brings your products to life with the stories you share. It is YOU who inspires people to take a look at your business opportunity.

Your story is part magnet and part glue … drawing them in and helping them stick to you!
~Laurie Girardi

Over the past couple of years as we were building the National Direct Selling Registry™ I have had the opportunity to get to work with consultants and leaders across many direct selling companies. With each new company or team group I work with, one of the first things I ask is to be connected with a cross section of leaders with various experiences so I can get to know the company or team from their vantage point through their eyes. I start every new consulting experience in the same way. Every new speaking engagement in the same way. Every new training partnership in the same way. It’s very simple. I ask the leaders I’m partnered with to tell me their story. Seeing the business through their eyes brings me right back to when I started in my own business, and I can feel their joy, feel their love for what they do and feel the impact their business is making on lives. Your story is a powerful social selling tool!

Some consultants and leaders are naturally able to tell their story. They’ve shared it enough times that it rolls of their tongue with ease, and they’re able to intertwine their emotions and feelings into the journey they’ve gone on so far. For others, they need a few questions to spark their ideas and remind them of where their business started and how far they’ve gone. But either way, hearing someone’s direct selling story from their beginning before direct selling to where they are today always makes me want to learn more about them AND immediately I feel invested in their lives. Surprisingly, many direct sellers have never told their story to their friends or family members. They’ve never thought through sharing aspects of their stories to pique curiosity and create interest.

Your story is a powerful social selling tool, and I want to make sure you’ve thought it through, tend to it often and share it regularly with the world!

10 Questions to Help You Tell YOUR Direct Selling Story

The following ten questions will help you think through your direct selling story. They’re designed to spark your ideas and give you the springboard to share your experiences. Remember that facts tell, but feelings sell. Share how you felt along the way. Paint a picture with words to bring people into your life.

What was life like before you decided to start your direct selling business?

What first drew you into your company? What piqued your curiosity and made you say “yes” to becoming a consultant?

What are some of the accomplishments you’ve achieved at this point in your business?

What are you most passionate about, and how does that tie into your business?

How has your business changed your life?

What have you learned about yourself as a result of your experience with your business?

What (if any) obstacles have you overcome on your journey toward success?

What were you surprised to learn about (direct selling, having your own business, etc.) that you didn’t realize before?

What are you most excited about right now in your business?

What’s your vision for the future in your business and life? What are your big dreams and goals?

Pro Tip: Have trouble just sitting down and writing? No worries! Just flip on your mobile phone’s camera and just start rolling. Answer the questions one-by-one in a conversational way. Have a friend ask them to you or post them on the wall in front of you. Very often, our first answers are our best and this method captures them in a super simple way.

Tie Your Story to Products You Sell

As you think through your story and the ten questions above, think about the products you sell and identify a few that tie to the different parts of your story. Maybe there’s a product that came in your starter kit that reminds you of why you said “yes” to a business. Or, maybe there’s one that signifies a big achievement you reached along the way and helps you recall the exact feelings you felt to get that hand-written note or walk across stage.

What are the 3-4 products that help you tell your story?

How does each product tie to a specific, compelling aspect of your story?

Listen Stories from People Who Have Different Experiences Than You Do

In the beginning, YOUR STORY is the most powerful tool you have and one of the only ones you have! But, as you grow in your business, attend meetings, meet new people and build a team of your own, you’ll get to hear the stories of others. Think about that customer who loved the products so much she became a host. Or the host who realized she was missing out on an amazing income opportunity and decided to start a business of her own. Every person who is intertwined in your business in some way has a story to tell, and their stories help you connect with people who are different from you. Each time you’re having a conversation, doing a live video or going to a party, you can take a whole group of people along with you – through THEIR STORIES! Your story is powerful, and so is theirs! Their says, “See, there are other people besides just me who love this business so much …” Those 3-rd party endorsements via a story are another super tool in your toolbox!

Who are the 3-4 people whose stories you’re going to take with you into your next conversation?

What makes their story unique? What are they most passionate about?

Once You’ve Crafted Your Story, Share it in Various Ways!

Write it.

Intertwine parts of your story throughout your parties!

Use pieces of your story in your ABOUT SECTIONS of your social media profiles.

Use your story to bring your NDSR™ profile to life! And, embed a video version!

GO LIVE to share your story to your friends, family and followers! (It’s not pushy to share your passion.)

GO LIVE to share your story on your business page with a CTA!

GO LIVE to share your story in your VIP group to pique curiosity beyond the love of your products.

Record a shorter 2-3 minute video telling your story for YouTube.

Pin your YouTube video to Pinterest on a board sharing your journey.

Create a blog article telling your story. Embed one of your public videos.

Find pictures from your life that illustrate the journey of your story.

Share images on your profiles, in your blog articles and in your group!

Turn your images into Instagram-able graphics and link to your NDSR™ profile!

Use personal images in your marketing to bring your story into your business more authentically.

Revisit and reshare your story regularly! People only catch a tiny bit of what we share, say and do!

Share a link to your NDSR™ profile where you tell your story in words, video and graphics (along with blog articles) with EVERY new customer, host and team member telling them, “this will help you get to know me better, and I look forward to getting to know you better, too!”

Pro Tip: Feature stories that are different from your own! Hold an interview or write a new article about a host or team member! Share in the same ways above!

As you learn to tell your story in lots of different ways, be sure to go back each quarter or half-year and revisit your story. Update your examples and your wording to reflect the progress you’ve made and the success you’ve achieved! Revisiting your story regularly also helps rekindle your love for what you do and reminds you why you started in the first place.

If you’re not yet a member of the National Direct Selling Registry™ I invite you to join us. On our platform you’ll be able to tell your story in powerful ways and make sure that every lead you work so hard to create comes back to you time and time again! Also, be sure to join our FREE Facebook group where we talk about developing your brand ME, smart marketing and share success stories of our members!

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